5 Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers From Sienna Apparel

5 Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers From Sienna Apparel


We had a chat recently with the lovely founder Lianne at Sienna Apparel, who has a daughter called Sienna and still going strong breastfeeding at 2 years old — also known as extended breastfeeding or natural term breastfeeding.Go Mama!

She realised on her maternity that, like many of us do, nothing quite fits right or is easy to feed in unless it has buttons - but that means some wardrobe planning and who has time? So she set to designing a range of functional but cool pieces that made feeding easy in public and made her feel like 'me' again. 
Here are her top tips on breastfeeding confidently! 

1. What would be your best advice for new mamas to prep for breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant....read everything you can about breastfeeding! It really does pay off to learn about it before you come to doing it. If you are a new mama in the throes of breastfeeding, I would say, listen to your instincts & trust your body, you are doing amazing! Also, reach out for help and don't suffer in silence if you are struggling - breastfeeding is almost never plain sailing...and it can be hard! The help of an IBCLC can be a game changer! 

2. Are there any foods you would recommend for boosting milk supply that you tried?

When Sienna was newborn I ate porridge religiously every day, and drank water after every feed - I have no idea if it worked...but it made me feel better! She literally fed every half an hour at times too, which was amazing for supply.

3. What was the one hurdle/ issue you faced which made breastfeeding difficult?

I was really frustrated that I couldnt wear my 'normal' clothes whilst breastfeeding, without putting a strategy in place first so that I knew how I was going to feed if we were out and about! I wanted to feel like myself again in my clothes, and that was the motivation to start Sienna Apparel. 

4. Which part of breastfeeding did you enjoy the most and why?

I think the convenience of breastfeeding is something I really enjoyed - if we were out and Sienna was hungry, I could literally just latch her on, without faffing with bottles etc — which was one less thing to worry about! 

5. If you could give one tip for breastfeeding mamas, what would you say?

To really trust your body, and remember that every journey is different. Every journey is a 'success' — whether you feed for 2 weeks or 2 years, combi-feed or pump, you are doing an amazing job — and to reach out for the support of an IBCLC if you need it, they're really awesome! :)

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