Collection: Fall Favourites

Inspired by our love of the Leaf Peeping state Maine, USA. We have rounded up our favourite shades of all our products to shop for this season's autumn palette in one place. Think Maple Reds and Pumpkin Spice.
Breastfeeding mama in green cover

Why Use A Breastfeeding Cover

Tried and tested by real mamas

✓ Helps ease anxiety whilst learning to breastfeed

✓ Boosts your confidence as a new mum

✓ Keeps baby less distracted when feeding

✓ Always one hand free to coffee or scroll

✓ Provides shade from the sun for baby in breathable cotton

Safe + Sound

How Breastfeeding Started Bon + Bear's Journey

"I always struggled with — even though I was more than happy to breastfeed in public — the anxiousness of being ‘exposed' and a lack of privacy. Something I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with, confidence to breastfeed anywhere but staring at the uninspiring apron-style cover I didn’t want to lose my identity even more than I felt already."