Collection: Breastfeeding Covers

Our modern breastfeeding covers are perfect for the early days when learning to breastfeed and need a confidence boost to reduce your breastfeeding anxiety.
Breastfeeding mama in green cover

Why Use A Breastfeeding Cover

Tried and tested by real mamas

✓ Helps ease anxiety whilst learning to breastfeed

✓ Boosts your confidence as a new mum

✓ Keeps baby less distracted when feeding

✓ Always one hand free to coffee or scroll

✓ Provides shade from the sun for baby in breathable cotton

Safe + Sound

How Breastfeeding Started Bon + Bear's Journey

"I always struggled with — even though I was more than happy to breastfeed in public — the anxiousness of being ‘exposed' and a lack of privacy. Something I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with, confidence to breastfeed anywhere but staring at the uninspiring apron-style cover I didn’t want to lose my identity even more than I felt already."