At Bon + Bear we are passionate about supporting the world we live in and ensuring that it stays green for our baby's and their baby's to come. That’s why we searched high and low to find beautiful packaging that is fully recyclable – Yep, even the mailer bag is made from recycled plastic!


Sustainability is so important, even more so now than it ever has been, and when we had the vision for Bon + Bear we always wanted to make sure that we were environmentally conscious, but not compromising on the premium feel.

Every single piece of fabric we use is utilised, and we cleverly make our products from one roll so it is sustainable and has zero waste. 

All ink used is soy-based, the tissue paper is acid free and FSC certified, then everything that comes in your wonderful parcel including the swing ticket, compliments slip and instructions are all made from recycled card too!

We are part of the Eco-Packaging alliance to help contribute to global reforestation; every time we order our packaging, trees are planted in areas of need to help our planet.

So why not help us help the environment - every time you make a purchase we are one step closer to planting more trees! Spread the word and share your new purchase tagging us @bon_and_bear on social. 

Eco-Alliance Badge at Bon + Bear


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