Our Story

Welcome to Bon + Bear

We are all about making it easy for the new mama and making sure she feels supported in the 4th trimester - that 3 blur after the baby arrives. Yes, all the focus is on the baby, but it should be about you too and comforting your baby whilst boosting your confidence shouldn't be a compromise. 
A little bit about me

I’m MJ, Mama to two Little Bears - a 3.5y old and almost 1y old. The true inspiration behind the brand and why I knew other Mamas would love our products too. 

I had a difficult start to motherhood with my first baby - including traumatic labour - a week in the hospital, no skin-to-skin or golden hour and starting on bottles the first few days as we were too ill to breastfeed. Add to this, a scary admittance to the Children's ward for Pneumonia for 3 days, after only being home less than 12 hours. It’s safe to say I had some PTSD/Post-Partum Depression from it all and an uphill battle to our feeding journey already!

My experience as a new Mama

One thing which I always struggled with - even though I was more than happy to breastfeed in public - was the anxiousness of being ‘exposed' both by my growing breasts and new wobbly mum-tum hanging out. I spent many outings finding a back corner of a coffee shop and shielding behind the pram because I never wanted it to stop me from getting out of the house and socialising either, which is so important for your mental well-being. In addition, I always put off skin to skin time because I would constantly worry he would be too cold and with a revolving door of visitors or family in and out, I didn’t want to be semi-naked either!

On top of this, we suffered from Colic, Reflux & CMPA pretty much from the outset so spent the 4th trimester (those first 3 months of the baby's life) with very little sleep and a very unsettled baby. After endless googling “how to settle baby”, I learned that babywearing was proven to ease these symptoms and even increase the duration for which mamas typically breastfeed! 

The big idea

I thought, why not have a baby wrap which will make me feel put together - as well as give me hands-free time - but also a breastfeeding cover which was super easy to throw on for breastfeeding and look stylish too; not like a sack! So I spent days sketching and writing up all my ideas about how I could make this FOR the mama and not the baby. 

I knew I wanted the design to feel modern, easy to use, soft and free of harmful chemicals. But also, not detract from my own identity and make me feel more ‘me’ – cue the leopard print and our core products of the Maine Baby Sling and Chicago Loop Breastfeeding Cover. 

Our Mantra 

I still don’t know what constitutes success, but my only objective when I started this was to 'help at least one Mama' and as long as I keep doing that then I will keep on growing this little company. You've got this Mama!

I ramble I know, but hopefully, you made it this far…

MJ x

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