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Bon + Bear is here to support new parents. We make stylish, practical and fuss-free goods to make your life easier as a modern mama.


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Breastfeeding Tips For New Mums

5 tips to help you along the way when starting to breastfeed.

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Bon + Bear Founder On Breastfeeding:

"It's never about covering up, but giving the privacy so that you feel more at ease breastfeeding in public, and in turn confident as a new mum. If I could rename breastfeeding covers to something else I would, as I don’t think the aim is to be ashamed or cover anything, but to feed on your terms. We give mums that choice with our Chicago Loop."

Breastfeeding Essentials

Everything you will need to make your breastfeeding journey stylish and supportive.

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    Bon + Bear is for the Mama, always.

    We are on a mission to help you navigate motherhood.

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    We care about our planet and leaving it green for our babies. We use recycled packaging, Oeko Tex Fabrics and Zero Waste.

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