At Bon + Bear we are passionate about supporting the world we live in and ensuring that it stays green for our babies and their baby's to come. That’s why we searched high and low to create beautiful packaging + products that are responsibly sourced and made.

Here’s what we do as a small business for sustainability:


o Plastic free eco-packaging including the mailer bag your order comes in
o All our labels, thank you cards + instructions are recycled card with;
o Soy based inks – renewable source and less air pollution
o FSC Certified – all paper is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner
o Acid Free – biodegradable + less chemicals used in production


o Our core printed fabric is Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certified to Class 1 – tested to the strictest standards for babies and free of any harmful chemicals or dyes
o Zero waste – every last piece of fabric is used (even Scrunchies are made from offcuts!)
o We order what we need with small batch production meaning no product ends up heavily discounted or in landfill
o Our supply chain is all based in the UK which means a smaller carbon footprint

o woman-folding-paper-packing-orders-in-a-blue-jumpsuit-bon-and-bear

Sustainability is so important - more so now than it ever has been - and when we had the vision for Bon + Bear we always wanted to make sure that we were environmentally conscious and doing our bit for the planet, but not compromising on the premium feel which we think our customers deserve.

Going the extra mile

As an Eco-Alliance member we are contributing to areas in need of reforestation when we order our packaging. So every time you make a purchase we are one step closer to planting more trees!

We also plant one tree for every order with Ecologi (Starting August 2022) and you can follow along to see our forest grow, as well as our CO2 carbon offsetting we have contributed to with climate projects worldwide. 



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