A Mama's Breastfeeding Journey - How My Own Journey Inspired My Breastmilk Jewellery Business.

How did you breastfeeding journey begin?

During my pregnancy, I sadly developed gestational diabetes so for me breastfeeding was an absolute must. I started antenatal expressing at 36 weeks and managed to express 20mls over a week in total. My lovely little son Asher was born at 37 weeks and struggled to latch after he was born, I was grateful I had expressed as he could have expressed breast milk straight away instead of formula. Unfortunately, Asher had a tongue tie and due to lockdown, he couldn’t have it snipped for 3 days, so we were sent home syringe feeding.
It was so stressful syringe feeding and expressing but the hard work paid off because after his tongue was snipped Asher went straight to the boob no issues becoming a massive boobie monster and fed beautifully.

Did you have any hurdles in your breastfeeding journey?

When he was 12 weeks old, I ended up needing emergency surgery resulting in me being in hospital for 1 week; I pretty much lost my supply and honestly thought I would never breastfeed again.
Thankfully, Asher slowly built my supply back up and resumed normal feeding (eventually) but initially cluster fed like a newborn, and didn’t get off my boob! So that upped my supply quickly and meant he was content feeding too.

What did you do to overcome your low milk supply?

On top of doing lots of skin to skin, I ate Boobixx cookies x3 a day and drank plenty of water to keep my energy and hydration up to make milk. I also power pumped in between feeds to give my milk levels a good chance of being boosted too. I am so proud I continued to carry on breastfeeding and expressing until Asher was 9 months old, for me it had some real ups and downs but it was worth every second.

Is there anything you would have do differently if you were about to start feeding again?

I would have introduced a bottle a little earlier, as we really struggled when I went into hospital as Asher had never taken a bottle before. So my husband was at home with a baby who was refusing to feed which made it difficult for us both in a hard situation.

Are there any products you couldn't live without as a new Mama?

Snuggleband for breastfeeding - extra comfort for long feeds
MAM Steriliser - it has a useful warm breastmilk feature for expressed bottles
Mind Over Mother Book - Anna Marther - a must read

How did your breastfeeding journey bring about your business?

After almost losing my supply and feeling those emotions I decided I wanted a piece of Breastmilk jewellery in case my feeding journey ended abruptly. So, I spent days shopping around to find something that felt right, but eventually decided I wanted to make it myself as I already was making jewellery at that point and new the craft.
After putting myself through a Breastmilk jewellery course my business Mothers Love Jewellery was born! And I am so passionate to provide Breastmilk jewellery for every mama.  My favourite piece in the collection is the breast milk pendant. As it can also be customised but it is so dainty and delicate, perfect for everyday wear.

To order your custom piece, follow the link above to their website or visit @mothers_love_jewellery on Instagram. 

Lucy x
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