Postpartum Plan - The Best Gift For A New Mother

Postpartum Plan - The Best Gift For A New Mother

Recently I came across a great small business on Instagram which is aimed at the wellbeing of new Mamas, more specifically, your postpartum recovery both physically and mentally.

You know from our previous posts here at Bon + Bear how much we bang on about the '4th trimester' and how important it is to look after you, as much as baby. This is a marathon not a sprint, and therefore if we spend 10 months nurturing baby we should allow ourselves the same time to heal too. Cue Pospartum Plan. 

Designed to support you through your motherhood journey, guiding you through this time with expert help from physios, doulas, nutritionists, emotional health wellbeing to GP's... the list goes on. It is an all encompassing service to give you everything in one place (less of the midnight googling!) and ultimately ensure that you heal. 


We interviewed founder Meg from Postpartum Plan below and as a new Mama myself, I wish I had found them sooner!
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What is Postpartum Plan and what do you offer new Mamas?

My name is Meg and I am a reflexologist who launched Postpartum Plan to support new parents in the crucial first 6 weeks postpartum. I have collected all the experts I believe new mums should have access to; women’s health physio, postpartum doula, nutritionist, yoga and breathwork teacher, pilates expert, emotional health therapist, GP and more. It’s a virtual village to support and honour new parents with video, podcasts, weekly live sessions and a community of like-minded mamas. Our aim is to revolutionise postpartum care; if athletes get a rehabilitation programme why can’t we?

Anyone who signs up receives: 

Postpartum Plan: your personal dashboard full of videos, podcasts and written content from our experts.

Postpartum Toolbox: a box of goodies sent to your door with everything you need to support you emotionally and physically postpartum. 

Postpartum Village: access to a support team including our weekly live sessions with our experts and special guests

What inspired you to start your business and what’s your mission?

There were three reasons why I set up Postpartum Plan. As a reflexologist I saw all my clients disappear when they had a baby, only to come back 6-12 months later with anxiety, burn out and physical issues. I realised that as mothers we are expected to martyr ourselves when we should be honoured and supported postpartum. I knew that there was a gap in care during those crucial first 6 weeks postpartum when new parents really need emotional and physical support to lay the foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. 

Secondly, I had experience of all of this. I suffered quite severe PTSD and diastasis recti after the birth of my first child and realised that I had not been told about any of these possibilities or how to seek help if I did experience them. I had spent all my time planning for birth like it was the end goal; birth is just the start of a huge journey into parenthood that requires emotional and physical strength like no other. 

Thirdly, during the height of lockdown I was terrified for all those new parents out there who had no one around them to support them. It really does take a village to raise a child and these lockdown parents didn't have their village. So Postpartum Plan was born as a 'virtual village' for all these parents to feel like a team of experts in their home when they need it most.

What is your favourite work you have done so far and/or your best customer story?

I love this question and there have been so many wonderful moments. I have helped semi professional athletes on their recovery journey; I have connected mamas to experts they would never have known about before; I have listened to mamas share their stories (and tears) on the lives. This all makes my heart burst with pride and love what I do even more. 

What was your 4th trimester like with your baby?

I had two very different 4 trimesters with my kids. 
My first birth didn't go 'to plan' and he ended up in ICU for 72 hours to prevent brain damage. It was all precautionary and he was completely fine but I was left with severe PTSD, insomnia and burn out. In short, I didn't have the emotional toolkit to deal with the mental recovery postpartum. His birth really is my inspiration for Postpartum Plan. 

My second 4th trimester was a completely different story because I prepared for it like I would a marathon. I prepped for my postpartum, I batch cooked, I mentally prepared for birth and invested in experts who would support me on my journey. My birth was beautiful and amazing and the 4th trimester was everything I could have wanted.

So this 4th trimester really helped me understand what all women should have postpartum and how I wanted to make it more accessible for women across the country.  

What essentials couldn’t you live without in your 4th trimester?

Friends to share stories with and who would empty the dishwasher or take my eldest out to play; a baby wrap or sling and good food in the fridge. 

Best advice for new mamas?

Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself!

It sounds counterproductive doesn't it? But here is the thing; your baby doesn't need fancy gadgets or the best buggy. Your baby just needs you to be well, emotionally and physically. So invest in you and you are investing in your baby's health for the years to come. 

So if you are pregnant, a recent new mama, know a friend who is expecting and want to give them a truly useful gift - then this is the one!

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